obr-1-Sad ending for Automuseum Praga

Sad ending for Automuseum Praga

At the beginning of 2016, a situation arose which is difficult to comprehend. Automuseum Praga was closed over family disputes and has not been made accessible to the public since. The period of uncertainty as to the fate of the precious collection has continued to these days. As at the beginning of 2021, the dismal situation where the collection is falling into disrepair has not been resolved so far. Hopes were raised several times in the form of various projects, such as e.g. the possibility to open the museum in the original facilities of the Praga plant in Vysočany in Prague, but to no avail so far.

In 2016, Czech TV reporters ran a telling report on the bleak situation of the Praga collection titled Pragovky pod zámkem (Praga cars under lock).

VIDEO: Česká televize - Pragovky pod zámkem