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New Automuseum Praga website

The website has been created in response to the amount of information in the media about the dismal condition which Mr Emil Příhoda's collection of Praga vintage cars has been in for a long time. Our goal is to gather information the public and Praga brand fans might find interesting and centralize it in one place on our website. We would also like to foster solidarity among people with the fate of Mr Příhoda and his extensive collection, to which he devoted more than 6 decades of his life. The Automuseum Praga website has been in operation for just a few days, it is a work in progress and uses information available from the media and other sources as well as from Mr Příhoda himself. Its purpose is not only to find help in order to rescue such a unique collection but also to serve as a reminder of the history of the First Republic’s car maker. We will be glad if you follow the website and share its contents on social networks. The website is operated by the Green Pear Tip s.r.o. agency.